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How to Rank a Brand New Website on Google?

It’s not that easy as you think. Google changes its algorithms time to time and no one knows the secrets of their algorithms. Even they don’t reveal what changes they have made recently.

It’s only the experience that tells you how to rank a brand new website on Google. Popular webmasters like Brian, Neil Patel and many more out there, shares their experiences on ranking a website. You can visit their blogs and find awesome information’s.

Website Ranking – It’s Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

I have been doing SEO since last one decade and during these time I read many books, articles, suggestions from webmasters and even paid many well-known webmaster and seo company to learn the technique of ranking a website on Google. But it didn’t work for me, expect gaining the knowledge on SEO.

No one really help you unless until you act upon it. It took me more than 2 years to understand how to rank a brand new website on Google.

I follow many popular webmasters across the globe and read their SEO Strategies. But the end of the day I prepare my own SEO Strategy and implement them on my websites to rank it.

This article is all about the ranking factors, which influence Google to rank a brand new website.

There are two broad categories of SEO Process i.e. On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. Both carries equally 50% of the weight.

On-Page Optimization Does 50% of SEO

On-Page Optimization (On-Page SEO) is the process of optimizing the website content to comply with Google’s policies.

No matter, how good the website content is, it will not rank of top of the search results unless the website content is well optimized as per Google standard.

Lets discuss all the key features of on-page optimization process;

Title Tag Optimization

The title of the article defines the content, a good title always attracts more people.

Ensure the target keyword is present on the title of the article in a well defined manner.

When I search the keyword “On-Page Optimization” on Google, there are many results shown up and I took this website, look at the below image, how the target keyword “On-Page Optimization” is placed on the title of the article;

Title Tag Optimization

Placing Target Keyword in First Paragraph

It’s recommended to place the target keyword within 100 words of the first paragraph. It helps Google and other search engines to understand your target keyword for the page.

Here is an example;

How to rank a brand new website on Google

Header Tag Optimization (H1, H2, H3, H4)

As per search data analysis report, people spends more time reading short paragraphs than lengthier ones.

So, divide your content into multiple short paragraphs and use header tags more wherever it’s required.

Usage of headings and sub-headings are one of the influential ranking factor.

Breakdown the long paragraphs into short and try to use as much as headings and sub-heading.

Look at one of the internal pages of this website

Image Alt Tag Optimization

Image Optimization helps search engine to understand the details about the image. Google cannot read the image and understand its purpose.

Google understand any image from the Image Alt Tag properties. While you are uploading an image, always be ensured that in the image alt tag property your target keyword is mentioned. You should also use the target keyword in the image file name i.e. on-page-optimization.jpg

Image Alt Tag Optimization helps the image to rank on Google’s Image Search. People do image searches for getting answers to their queries. A small optimization can bring those people to your website.

If you are using WordPress CMS, its very easy, just you need to edit the image and provide the keyword. Look at the below image;

Image At Tag Optimization

If you are using HTML type website, you can use this code <img src=”On-Page-Optimization.jpg” alt=”On-Page Optimization”

Advantages of Internal Linking Building

Have you ever visited Wikipedia, if not visit today? You can see how they have built internal links. In the SEO world, Wikipedia is best known for its internal link buildings. Wikipedia ranks millions of keywords only because of their internal link buildings. Look at the below image;

Wikipedia Internal Link building

Building internal links is one of critical ranking factor. Here is what internal link does;

  • Reduce Bouncing Rates by Creating User Engagements
  • Passes Link Juice To Other Pages
  • Help Google Spider to Crawl Other Pages and Index Them

like Wikipedia, don’t overload internal links, create 2-4 internal links per page with proper keyword targeting.

Advantages of Outbound Links

Outbound link are the links which points to other websites

When you create such outbound links its not only helps Google to understand the type of your niche but also increases your trust and quality of your website.

Again building too much outbound links are not good at all. Build few genuine links as per requirements.

Optimize Meta Title Tag and Description

When you search something on Google, you will see search results something like below picture.

Meta Description

Google fetches only Meta Title Tag and Description from your website to show on search results.

You can now understand, how important it is to optimize your website Meta Title Tag and Descriptions.

Use your target keywords in Meta Title Tag and Description to provide better visibility to Google about your target keywords.

If your website is built on WordPress CMS engine, it’s very easy to do. There is a WordPress Plugin called “YoastSEO”, it helps to optimize your Meta Title Tag and Description based on your target keywords.

YoastSEO Plugin
YoastSEO Plugin

For HTML Websites, you can do like this

HTML Code For Meta Tag Optimization

Target Keyword in URL

Using target keyword in url of the page helps Google to understand your target keyword and niche.

If you look at this article, my target keyword is “How to Rank a Brand New Website on Google” and I have used the same keyword on my website page url. Have a look at the below image;

Website URL Optimization

Choose carefully the target keyword in website page url. It’s not always required to mention all the longtail keyword in url rather it can be shortened. Google is very smart to understand what your target keyword.

High-Quality Useful Content Development

High-Quality and Useful Content creates good user engagements. Google checks quality of content from its bouncing rates.

Do you know what is bouncing rate?

Bouncing Rate defines how much time user spends time on your website. If the users are coming to your website and don’t stay for long that indicates higher bouncing rates.

Higher the bouncing rates are not good for any website. Google don’t rank those websites which have higher bouncing rates.

Bouncing Rate Example

Develop high-quality and very useful content that people love and want to spend more time. Google brings only those websites on top of the search results where the user engagements are more.

Only high-quality content may not help to create good user engagements. Your content should be very useful and able to answer what users are looking for.

Bouncing Rates can be monitored by Google Analytics Tool. Its a Free Tool and I will be talking about it latter part of this article.


  • Write Useful Content
  • Develop Very Long Content 5000+ Words
  • Use Professional Info-Graphics
  • Use Audio Visuals

Note: Low Bouncing Rate Websites Get Rank Faster

Off-Page Optimization – BackLink Building Process

Off-Page Optimization is also known as BackLink Building Process for the website.

 Link Building

It’s the process of creating links pointing to your website from other websites. Its process of promoting website and asking users to visit your website.

How to Create Backlinks for website?

There are hundreds of different ways to create backlinks but we will be discussing only those which are very popular.

Creating backlinks are a bit challenging task in SEO. It requires lots of analysis and proper SEO Strategy. Blinding building millions of backlinks never give you the results.

Before moving further, let me tell you what is an Anchor Text? Basically, it’s used to create a backlink from other websites. It is also called as a HyperLink. Here is an example;

<a href=””>Target Keyword</a>

As I said earlier, creating backlinks requires proper strategy i.e.

  • How many backlinks should be created in a month
  • What types of backlinks required for the website
  • What is the anchor to text ratio

Here we are discussing about “How to Rank a Brand New Website on Google”, which means it’s brand new website. Lets prepare a strategy to rank a brand new website.

Google likes natural link building processes, which means backlinks should not be created manually or it has be developed naturally. But in reality rarely someone follows that.

We have to create backlinks very carefully which should look natural to Google else our website get penalized by Google. So you need to be very careful.

Here is the question, how many backlinks should be built? For a brand new website. The actual answer is no one know but to play safe, build only 2-3 high authority backlinks per month till the next six month.

Here is the second question, what type of backlinks should be built? Build only niche relevant backlinks. let’s say, your website related to food niche and to rank your website we need niche relevant backlinks i.e. backlinks from food-related websites.

You must not build irrelevant backlinks to your website. Building unnecessary backlinks to your website may get penalized.

The final question, What is an Anchor Text Ratio? While we are creating backlinks, we are creating anchor text i.e. clickable words, which points to your website. Those clickable words called “Anchor Texts”.

There are different Types of Anchor Texts used while building backlinks. Here are they;

  • Exact Match – Anchor Text Which Contains Target Keyword That You Want To Rank
  • Phrase Match – Anchor Text Which Contains Keyword Phrase That You Want To Rank
  • Partial Match – Anchor Text Don’t Have Target Keyword But Relevant Information
  • Branded – Anchor Text Contains your Company Brand Name
  • Nacked URL – Anchor Text Contains URL Of Your Website
  • Random – Anchor Text Contains Random Keyword i.e. Click here, Read More, etc
  • Image – Image Alt Tag defines Anchor Text

While creating backlinks we need to maintain the proper Anchor Text Ratio to get better results on Google.

Here are the Percentage of Anchor Text Ratio that you need to main while creating backlinks;

  • Branded Anchor Text: 70%
  • Naked Links: 20%
  • Generic Anchors: 5%
  • LSI, Partial Match Anchors: 1-5%
  • Exact Match Anchors Text: Less Than 1%

Let’s say if you are building 100 backlinks, there should be only one backlink which contains the Target Keyword i.e. 1%.

Building Exact Match Anchors i.e. Target Keyword backlinks may penalize your website. Always try to build Branded Anchor Text as much as possible.

Let’s discuss, the number of ways you can create backlinks from other websites. I will be discussing only popular ones;

Bloggers OutReach – Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the best way to build high-quality backlinks to your website.

In Bloggers OutReach Process, you need to find the websites, which are accepting Guest Posting. Which means, they allow other contents to publish on their websites.

Finding those sites are not that tough, you can run the below queries to find those sites, which are accepting guest postings;

  • [Industry] guest article
  • [Industry] guest post
  • [Industry] guest author
  • [Industry] inurl:contributor
  • [Industry] inurl:guest
  • [Industry] write for us

For example, your niche is Guitar and you need guitar relevant websites where you can post your contain and get links. So let’s use on the above query and see the results;

Guest Posting Example

Depending upon the niche you can see the number of results. Next step is to visit each of the sites and read their terms and conditions. If you like it, contact their webmaster and share your content with them to publish on their website.

Guest Posting approach looks simple but it’s a very tough job to manage. Sometimes it takes a month to generate one Guest Post Link.

Guest Posting is webmasters favorite tool for generating high-quality backlinks.

Press Release

Press Release is one of the best way of building high authority links. It creates good brand awareness and reputation of your business.

Getting Press Release backlinks are quite challenging task, not every webmaster know how to do that properly.

Sometimes Press Release backlinks are not trust worth if its not properly distributed beyond the PR directory.

The concept is simple i.e. “Are you in the News or Are you the News

Broken Link Building Strategy

It’s a smart technique to build good quality links that someone had already built it. Broken Link means the link which is currently not present on someone’s website.

People build many websites and create backlinks for those websites. But many of them don’t run their websites for long time and it get expired.

Let me tell you how this Broken Link Building works, here is what you have to do. Let’s say your website niche is “guitar” and you need links from guitar related websites. So search the below terms on Google

  • guitar intitle:resources
  • guitar inurl:resources
  • guitar inurl:useful links
  • guitar + “useful links”
  • guitar + “resources”

Open each site on a different browser tab and using My Links Plugin you can find those broken links.

Collect those broken links and send emails to each site owners to let them know that that particular link is broken and request them to replace that link with your link.

Broken link building one of the easiest way to build good quality links.

Backlinks from Question & Answer Sites

You can drive good traffic to your websites from questions and answers sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Getting links from these sites are quite simple and easy. Let me show you how to do it. Open Quora or Yahoo Answer website and search for your niche keyword, here I am searching “guitar”

Look for the search results which has more followers. Open those links, answer the questions asked with your website url or anchor text.

Never try to provide fake or irrelevant answers. Good answers can give you good results.

Blog Commenting

Simple, easy and quick process to grab as many links as you want.

But blog commenting don’t add more value as it was doing a decade ago. Still for very low competition keywords, just build backlinks using this technique and your website will be on top of the search engine results.

Most of the good quality blog sites don’t approve generic answer comments. You must understand the article and based on which you need to write comment to get it approved by the website owner.

There are many auto approve blog websites, where you can get instant backlinks.

Let me tell you how to do that, there are many different ways you can extract the websites where blog commenting is allowed. Here I am showing you the easiest way. Open this url

Blog Finder Tool

Type a keyword related to your niche. On Category drop down menu select “Comment Backlinks” and from Footprint drop down menu select “Do-Follow-Comments”. When you hit search button, it will show you all the websites relevant to your topic where blog commenting is allowed.

Open each site and check the DA, PA, Trust and Citation Flow, if the website is good, then understand the article and write a good comment.

Donation BackLinks

These are basically NGO (Non-Profitable Government Organization) websites, where they ask you money to place your website link on their website.

Basically they sell links to generate revenue for their NGO. The price of link varies depending upon the website authority.

You can search on Google “Donation Backlinks”, you can see many websites. To get a link from their website, you need to approach the website owner and transfer the said amount to their bank account to get the link back from their website.

Scholarship Backlinks

It’s one of the best ideas to get high-quality backlinks from top high authority school, college, university websites.

Many webmasters may not be aware of scholarship backlinks but building these links can boost your website ranking fast.

The process is quite simple, on your website you need to create a Scholarship Page where you have to mention all the criteria along with the scholarship fee details.

Put a search query on Google to find all the university websites where they are accepting external scholarships.

Contact university authority along with your website scholarship url. If they like your proposal they will publish your content on their website’s scholarship page. And you will get a high authority backlinks .

Never try to cheat people, if you are promising for something then deliver it, so that some students will get benefits. Don’t try to cheat students for creating backlinks.

Article Directory Submission

This is very old way to create backlinks. There are hundreds of article directory websites where you need to publish your content to get a link back.

Now a days it bit challenging to publish the content on popular article directories unless your content is very unique.

These are the few popular Article Directories;

Your content should be very informational and unique to get it publish on these article directories.

Business Directory Submission

Directory Submission helps search engine to know which industry your business catering to and what are the services you are offering.

Browse each of the below website and submit your business website in proper business category.

Here are some of the popular directory submission websites

Social Bookmarking

Bookmark your website and all the internal pages on Social Bookmarking websites.

Creating these backlinks are very easy and simple. just create an account in each of the social bookmarking websites and save your website and all the internal pages.

Here are some of the popular social bookmarking websites;

Web 2.0 BackLinks

Web 2.0 Website are free CMS websites, where you can create your own website and publish contain on it.

No need of registering a domain and buying hosting plans. Web 2.0 is completely free CMS platform.

Earlier Web 2.0 backlinks were considered as very powerful to rank a website. Here are few popular Web 2.0 websites where you can create web 2.0 backlinks;

On my next article on “how to create web 2.0 backlinks“, I will share the details about it.

InfoGraphics Backlinks

Create awesome info-graphics on your target niche and ask people to share it. If you don’t know how to create it, hire a graphics professional

There are many places you can hire those graphics designers i.e. Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc

Technical SEO

Apart from the above SEO factors, there are also other critical influential factors which help in ranking a website.