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What is SEO – A Beginners Guide

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, its the process of optimizing your website to comply with Search Policies.

Implementing SEO helps in ranking your website on top of the search engine. When people search the target keyword, your website will be displayed on the top of the search engine and you will have more businesses.

Ranking a website in a search engine is completed based on Google’s Algorithm’s, which is a hidden secret. No one knows Google’s secret of ranking a website. It’s only the years of SEO experiences that webmaster’s share on their blogs.

Here are the topics which I will be covering in detail;

  • Importance of SEO
  • Organic vs Paid SEO
  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Keyword Research Secrets
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • On-Page Optimization Process
  • Link Building / Off-Page Optimization
  • Professional SEO Tools

Importance of SEO

The below picture shows the global search statistics;

Search Engine Statistics

Above picture shows, Google holds maximum share i.e. 92.42% among all. Roughly 3.5 billion searches are generating only from Google and it’s increasing every year.

The popularity of internet usage is growing exponentially worldwide. Because getting information, services, products, etc is insane fast. Nobody wants to wait a single minute of their life finding solutions for their problems. Internet became the key to an instant solution provider.

Let me show you with an example, why SEO is so important for an online entrepreneur.

Let’s say, you run an AC Repairing in your locality and currently, you provide service only to those customers, who are either known to you or someone given references based on the quality of service that you provide.

Now let’s talk about the online customers who are near to your place and searching for the keyword “AC Repairing near me”.

If you look at the above image, as per Google search, around 22,200 people are looking for “AC Repairing Services” in a month. The average cost per click for this keyword is $23.70.

The above data shows the percentage of traffic share of the top 10 websites. The website, which comes on top of the page holds near about 33% of the traffic share whereas the lowest position takes around 2-3%.

Let’s compare the traffic share data with the keyword search volume. The keyword “AC Repairing Near Me” search volume is 22,200.

Let’s assume if your website comes top one position of the Google Search Results, it will take 33% of the traffic share i.e. 7326

Which indicates around 7326 people come to your website and take the decision to buy your products or services.

Not all the 33% of the traffic i.e. 7326 will get converted into sales. You can expect on an average 5-10% of conversions i.e. 366-732.

Here is the math,

Let assume, you are charging $50 per AC Servicing. And every month you are getting around 400 Service Request calls from your website.

So Total Revenue Generation = $50 x 400 = $20,000

Hope this make you understand, what is SEO and why it’s essential for a website.

Organic SEO vs Paid SEO

There are two different ways to rank any website in Google i.e. Organic SEO and Paid SEO.

Organic SEO takes longer time to bring a website to top of the Search Engine whereas Paid SEO gives instant results.

Organic SEO requires lots of experience and expertise to rank any website but no one can give you the 100% guarantee. But in Paid SEO, you pay Google to bring your website on top of search engine.

The major difference is, in Organic SEO, the investment is low compared to Paid SEO. The Organic SEO gives you the free traffic as long as it holds the top of the search engine whereas, in Paid SEO, you need to pay per click to Google.

How Search Engine Works?

When you are searching something on Google, the algorithm works in real time and finds the best results of your search query.

Everyday Google scans billions of website pages and index it on their database and finds the “best” results from the indexed database.

Google never share their internal algorithms to public and no one knows the how Google shows the best results.

Different Webmaster’s have different opinions on “How Google Shows The Best Results”. The algorithm that worked for you, is not necessary it should work for me.

But there are few ranking factors that all webmaster agrees, which I am going to brief you below.

How Google Ranks a Website

Let’s say you are searching for “how to prepare biriyani” and your expectation would be to see the relevant information rather irrelevant ones.

The below image shows around 54,80,000 results for the keyword “how to prepare biriyani”. Google never shows all these thousands of websites in their top search results even though these websites have already mentioned about this keyword. There must be something hidden, am I right?

what is seo

Lets discuss the most influential top 3 ranking factors that Google loves it.

Criteria 1: Information Relevancy

Google shows the information which has more relevancy to the search results. People don’t like to see the results which are irrelevant to their search topics.

Google is always known for providing high relevancy search information compared to other search engines out there.

For an example, lets say you are searching for “best cricket bat for kids”, see the Google Search Results below;

Google shows all the relevant information of your search queries along with also provides some helpful tips in the form of Videos or Question Answers.

Google always loves the high-quality and well research content. If the content is not good, people gets frustrated.

Google’s first criteria is high-quality, well researched and relevant content.

Criteria 2: Page Authority

Google checks if the content is trustworthy by measuring its page authority.

What do you mean by Page Authority? Google checks how many good quality websites are linked to that particular page, in SEO terminology it’s called “backlinks”.

The more number of high-quality backlinks increases value of the Page Authority. The more backlinks can help a website to rank higher in Google Search Results.

Criteria 3: User Engagements

Again its not always true that good number of backlinks can bring your website on top of search results.

Apart from high-quality and relevancy, the content should be useful and people should love it.

Even though the content is very high quality but people don’t find it useful and there are less engagements, Google never bring those websites to the top of search engines.

Google loves to show the results, which people loves it and want to spend more time on it, no matter how many backlinks that page has.

Tips: How to Rank a Website in Google

Write contents that people loves, not Google. Recent Google algorithm works on user engagements not the number of backlinks that you create.

  • Create High-Quality, Well Research and User Lovable Content
  • Create High-Quality BankLinks from High Authority Website
  • Promote Your Content on SocialMedia

Fundamentals of Keyword Research

If you are thinking to setup an online business, then Keyword Research is the first criteria that you need to fulfill. In general term, Keyword Research is something like Market Survey, where it will show you, if the current market has that potential to do the business.

Let me show you some examples here;

Let’s say you want to start a “Shoe” business in the United States and your product USP (Unique Selling Point) is HandMade Shoes.

Lets do Keyword Research to understand if this business has potential buyers in the United States

I am using a paid keyword research tool called “KeywordFinder”. Here is our search keyword “Hand made Shoe” and Target Country is the United States.

Search Result for the Keyword: Handmade Shoe

The above results shows, the Trend, Search Volume, Cost Per Click (CPC), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Keyword Density (KD). Let concentrate on Trend, Search Volume and Keyword Density (Competition)

As per KeywordFind Tool, the target keyword “Hand Made Shoe” has good market trend, low search volume i.e. 20 and market competition is average.

From the above analytical data, you can decide if you are still interested to setup your online business on “Hand Made Shoes”. But there are other keywords which have good search volume can be taken into the considerations.

The Keyword Research help you to understand the current market strength to do business. Keyword Research is the first step for any online business.

There are many Free and Paid Keyword Research Tools available in the market and here are the popular ones;

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahref
  • SemRush
  • KeywordFinder
  • Keyword Reveler

You cannot skip this step, if you do then ready to take the consequences.

Content is King

Never try to make Google happy rather users. As I said earlier, if your content is lovable by users which is directly promotional to complying Google policies.

Google is smart enough to judge if the content is creating more user engagements. Google only brings those contents into the top of the search results which has good user engagements.

If you don’t know how to write SEO Friendly Content, then you must hire content writers who are experts.

You can find many content writing freelancers and agencies online. In my experience its better to hire a good freelancer from or or sites. They will make your life easy.

Here are few suggestions;

  • Try to understand what people want
  • Provide useful information that people loves
  • Create more than 3000+ words content
  • Check grammatical errors
  • User simple and readable English
  • Use relevant Info-Graphics
  • Use Youtube Videos if you can make it

On-Page Optimization

Search Engines don’t understand English or any other languages. They only understand binary languages. On-Page Optimization is the process of optimizing the website content or information in such a way that when Search Engine Spider crawls the website, it understands what information is written.

There are a number of clauses that you need to satisfy while doing On-Page Optimization. Here are few;

  • H1, H2, H3, H4 Header Tag Optimization
  • Meta Title Tag
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Image Tagging
  • Use of Bullet Points

If your website is hosted on WordPress CMS Platform, there is a Plugin called “yoastSEO” which guides you to do the on-page optimization. This is an awesome plugin which used by millions.

Off-Page Optimization – BackLink Building Process

Off-Page Optimization, in other SEO term its called creating BackLinks.

Its the process of creating links back to your website from other websites, which is called hyperlink.

You can see in the above picture there are many words highlighted in blue, these are called hyperlinks. When you click on those words, it will take you another website.

Basically, in the link building process, these types of hyperlinks are created, which link back to your website.

When you create backlinks from high authority websites, it helps your website rankings.

There are many different ways you can build links for your websites i.e.

  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Posting
  • Directory Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Press Releases
  • Guest Posting
  • Publishing Videos
  • Publishing Audios
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Editorial Links

Link building is a continuous process depending upon your competition and the rank you hold on the searching. You need to ensure you have better links than that of your competitors.

If you are newbie, not much idea on building backlinks on your own, I would suggest you to hire an SEO Experts, who will do the job for you.

Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancing where you can get SEO Services with good and affordable price.

Professional SEO Tools

Professional SEO Tools makes life easy. Without the SEO Tools, don’t think about Online Business.

There are thousand of SEO Tools available in the market, but we will be discussion only the popular ones.

For any online entrepreneur, the market research is very important. To understand if the market has potential to do the business.

In SEO terminology, market researching is nothing but doing Keyword Research. Which helps us to provide current search volume of the target keyword, trend, competition and many more details.

There are many Free and Paid Keyword Research Tools available in the market but the popular ones are as below;

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Finder
  • Keyword Revealer
  • Ahref
  • SemRush
  • LongTailPro
Google Keyword Planner Tool
Keyword Finder Tool
Keyword Revealer Tool
Ahref Tool
SemRush Tool
LongTailPro Keyword Research Tool